Panda Cam: A New View

Regular Panda Cam viewers likely did a double take this morning when they checked in and found their favorite animals in different surroundings. Xiao Liwu and Bai Yun have moved (but are still on Panda Cam)!

The ‘change of address’ is due to construction of a bridge that will eventually connect the two mesas on either side of Panda Trek. Visitors on grounds are invited to see them in their new habitat at the bottom of Center Street near Sun Bear Trail.

The habitats have been made over for the bears’ ‘stay-cation’ with the addition of sod and plenty of climbing and snoozing spots.

Due to age-related health concerns, giant panda Gao Gao will remain behind the scenes in the current panda habitat. Panda Trek’s takins and red pandas will also be moved to off-exhibit areas for the duration of the construction.

Be sure to watch Bai and Mr. Wu explore and enjoy their new spaces via Panda Cam!