San Diego Zoo Will “Shake, Rattle and Roar” During Nighttime Zoo; Cymer Sponsors Zoo’s Annual Summer Event

There is always so much to see at the San Diego Zoo, and during Nighttime Zoo, presented by Cymer, there is so much to hear, too. Beginning Sunday, June 21, guests can stay at the Zoo until 9 p.m. and experience toe-tapping, body-moving music in a variety of sounds and styles throughout the afternoon and evening, including rock tunes through the decades, festive mariachi melodies, a brass band and even a cappella harmonies. The Zoo has also added a 15,500-square-foot exhibit for Asian leopards that is the new entrance to the the Barlin-Kahn Family Panda Trek.

The Chameleons

On Front Street, Zoo guests will be treated to the sounds of The Chameleons, a brass band that changes tunes like its namesake changes colors. From funk to Beach Boys and beyond, their musical stylings—and jokes—are sure to bring a smile. The Front Street Mariachis are a talented trio who also perform on the Embery Stage and will provide a festive musical flair by blending trumpet, strings and voices. For guests who like to dance, be sure to catch the Funky Monkeys. These agile and exuberant dancers have some fun and fresh new moves. Their jazzy hip-hop-with-a-twist style just might work their way into your own dance repertoire.

As guests tour the Zoo, perhaps venturing down Hippo Trail to see the hippo calf, Devi, and her mother Funani, they will find more music and entertainment. “Tunes in the Treetops,” will bring back memories, or make new ones, for guests who enjoy “old timey” piano melodies.

In Panda Canyon, Zoo visitors shouldn’t miss the new Asian Leopard exhibit. The multi-level living space for these endangered cats is filled with rock outcroppings, slopes and felled trees to encourage climbing, foraging and other natural behaviors. The habitat has four separate exhibits with enclosed, overhead passageways above the visitor walkway, which allow the leopards to cross between exhibits. The ability to change the passageways and access for the cats is another element of enrichment for the animals. The Amur leopards and snow leopards live separately but will have opportunities to trade living areas.

If guests venture to see the jaguar cub and its mother in Elephant Odyssey, they can stop by Sabertooth Grill where The Alley Cats will be rocking to the sweet sounds of Doo Wop. The group serves up tight harmonies, humor, and pure a cappella energy.

In Urban Jungle, where there are three koala joeys making their way out of the mothers’ pouches, the trampoline has been set up for “Viva Las Kangas,” a performance that tells the story of acrobatic “kangaroos” who visit Las Vegas and flip (and bounce) over songs by popular Las Vegas headliners. Across the road at the Koalafornia Boardwalk, Dr. Zoolittle has built his “Music Factory” with a score of ways to have fun exploring music.

Dr. Zoolittle Music Factory

To end the evening of Nighttime Zoo events, the Zoo has added a spectacular music, light, and video experience at the newly remodeled Wegeforth Bowl. The show, Earth Rhythms, features how humans have always been influenced by the sounds of Nature. In a dazzling blend of music, video and special effects, the connection between the two comes into mesmerizing focus. The show plays each evening at 8:30 p.m.

During Nighttime Zoo, which runs Sunday, June 21 through Monday, Sept. 7, the Zoo is open from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. All Nighttime Zoo activities and entertainment are included with admission to the San Diego Zoo.

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