Splendid Sunbird Chick Successfully Reared at San Diego Zoo

The Rearing Is a First for This Tiny African Species at the Zoo

A splendid sunbird chick that hatched on July 21 has been successfully reared at San Diego Zoo’s Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks Aviary—a first for this tiny African species at the Zoo. The chick is a male, denoted by dark coloration on his throat. His parents are the only pair of their species in a zoo in the United States.

To call them “splendid” is not just a matter of opinion, it’s part of their common name. The splendid sunbird gets its name from the lustrous plumage of adult males. These nectar-and-insect eaters are similar to hummingbirds, but are found only in Africa. The mother and chick can be seen at the Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks Aviary—along with their intricate sac-like nest, constructed of plant fibers and spiderwebs.