For Eight Weeks, Animal Courses Are Free to Middle and High School Teachers and Students at Home

San Diego Zoo Global Academy Online Learning Modules. Cover Species in Depth

For the next eight weeks, as part of San Diego Zoo Global’s effort to support the community during the ongoing pandemic, middle and high school teachers and students can gain access to 22 free, self-paced online courses covering a variety of taxonomic groups and individual animal species. Offered by San Diego Zoo Global Academy, these fun, fast-paced, interactive courses are designed to be completed by students in as little as one to two hours. They include video, images and quizzes to teach students about mammals, birds, primates, bears, reptiles, monotremes, marsupials and more.  

“The urgent nature of San Diego Zoo Global’s work to save species is unchanged, even in the face of this pandemic,” said Paul A. Baribault, president/CEO of San Diego Zoo Global. “Species will continue to disappear from the planet at an accelerated rate if we do not remain steadfast in fulfilling our mission. Due to the long-term support of our community, we are able to continue our efforts even though our parks are closed. Offering academic options for students and teachers allows us to give back to the community during this challenging time.”

Students and teachers can click here to start learning. 

Beginning today, new San Diego Zoo Global Animal Species online learning modules will be made available each week—and they will remain online through May 24. The first week of free courses begins with an overview of cats and lessons on cheetahs, lions and tigers. Stick around through Week 8 to learn the difference between a wallaby and a kangaroo, and find out what on earth a pademelon is—hint: it’s not a fruit! 

“Our organization continues to be a lifeline connecting wildlife and people,” said Jon Prange, director of San Diego Zoo Global Academy. “We hope that by sharing our knowledge and love for the natural world, we may inspire a deep respect for nature and pass on to younger generations the importance of conserving species in order to create a healthy ecological balance.”

To access the courses free of charge, students are only required to enter their name, email address and school, while teachers are asked to enter the grades they teach. 

“Education is among the most powerful tools we have in conserving species and inspiring future generations,” said Shawn Dixon, chief operating officer, San Diego Zoo Global. “We hope to help educators and students make the most of these trying times by staying engaged, and diving into these modules covering so much in the Animal Kingdom.” 

These online learning modules were originally created for animal care professionals, as well as students at colleges and universities. However, the Animal Species series is designed to make learning fun, and is ideal for middle and high school grade levels—allowing young students’ minds to roam far and wide over the natural world, even if they’re homebound for now. The courses are part of the curriculum of San Diego Zoo Global Academy, an online training arm of San Diego Zoo Global.  

About San Diego Zoo Global

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