Koala Joey Emerges from Mother’s Pouch

The San Diego Zoo’s Conrad Prebys Australian Outback has a new resident, after koala mom Cambee gave birth to an adorable little joey. The little one was actually born last November, but only recently emerged from her mother’s pouch. Immediately, the joey clung to her mom’s back, and she will go everywhere with mom over the next few months. Animal care staff said they are thrilled with having a new joey, and can’t wait to get to know her.

“It is always fun when we get to work with koala joeys and watch their personalities develop, said Lacy Pearson, San Diego Zoo keeper. “At this age, she has not shown us her personality yet, but she is doing great, and has already started to eat eucalyptus leaves.”

The San Diego Zoo has the largest breeding colony of Queensland koalas and the most successful koala breeding program outside of Australia. Researchers at the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research are studying koala populations, both at the Zoo and in the wild, to better understand the species’ complex ecology, mating behaviors and health. The information gleaned from this work will help further develop conservation strategies for koalas.

Zoo guests can see the koala joey and her mother, along with the other koalas in the colony, at the Zoo’s Australian Outback habitat. During Nighttime Zoo, June 19 through Sept. 5, the Zoo offers extended hours, allowing visitors to view the koalas during their more active hours of early morning and early evening. Nighttime Zoo features entertaining shows, music, animal encounters, the beautiful Centennial puppets, and much more. All Nighttime Zoo activities and entertainment are included with San Diego Zoo admission or membership. For guests who can’t visit the Zoo, the koalas can be viewed online, on the Zoo’s Koala Cam.