California Condor Undergoing Radiation Treatment

Almiyi, a female California condor, is being treated for a cancerous tumor. The treatment, which includes radiation therapy, is being undertaken in collaboration with the in collaboration with a team of experts at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego in Sorrento Valley.

“Almiyi has a locally aggressive tumor right above her mouth and including her beak that needs to be treated with radiation therapy,” said Jeff Zuba D.V.M., veterinarian for San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Almiyi was one of the first condor chicks to be hatched from an egg in 1983 when the species was at the brink of extinction due to lead poisoning encountered in the wild. Over the years she has produced a number of offspring, helping to rebuild the critically endangered condor population. Animal care staff at the Safari Park indicate that initial results of the treatment are promising; however they will be watching the bird’s quality of life over the next several weeks.

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